First impressions

After 19 hours of travel, I made it! The plane ride wasn’t too bad. I sat next to a guy who is studying abroad in Seville, so we talked a bunch. He was reading Boy in the Striped Pajamas in Spanish, so he’s clearly fluent; but then when I said, “Such a sad story,” he replied, “Really?” so clearly he’s unaware of the Holocaust. Interesting. As soon as I got to the London airport, I changed out of my leggings/mocossins/hoody. Very comfortable, but not exactly appropriate when there was a European lady wearing heels behind me.

When I finally got to the Barcelona airport, I had to drag all of my stuff to the meeting point. So with two overstuffed suitcases, backpack, purse, and large carry on, I went in hunt of my group. I’m also profusely sweating at this point. After I walked all around the airport for 20 minutes because I was kind of confused, I ended up right outside baggage claim. But I guess it was worth it, because I’m sure I provided solid entertainment to people around me. I got stuck in doorways, my bags flipped over, I ran into people and got my stuff tangled into theirs…all as sweat was dripping down my face. I’m definitely on at least 10 different people’s teams. There  may have been a Spaniard that said “Tu equipo” to their friend…rough.

My first impression was just what I expected: This place is gorgeous! I’m sure I will write much more on the beauty of the city because it’s absolutely overwhelming. I keep feeling like I want to see everything NOW as if the buildings that have been here hundreds of years before Columbus shredded to America are suddenly going to get up and walk away. Speaking of Columbus, we went to the castle/political building where he asked the King and Queen for mucho dinero. I’ll get to posting pics soon.

I won’t write any more for now, but I could  already write a novel about my trip. (Two days of it so far)

If anyone is dying to see my face, my skype is LeAnnBuff.

xx (that’s the doubleigh cheek kiss which is the thing to do here)

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2 Responses to First impressions

  1. Evelyn Bannon says:

    Hi LeAnn! Enjoying your blog very much and am excited that we will be experiencing Spain through your eyes!! It sounds like a wonderful trip so far (even the comic description of your arrival and struggles with the baggage, etc..). We’re so excited for you and this incredible experience! Can’t wait to see the pics, too! love ya! Kev & Ev

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