Barefoot in Barcelona

Looking back at the blogs I’ve posted, I realized they are mostly about specific events/trips/nightlife. This obviously makes sense because those times are when the most interesting and hilarious things happen. BUT, I do think I should make an attempt to explain my daily life.

First, I should probably explain the title of this blog: Barefoot in Barcelona. I stole the line from the name of an OPI nail polish color. It’s really pretty. I recommend it. I also just painted my nails with it, so that’s probably why the phrase is on my mind.

The title doesn’t make sense for a couple of reasons. It’s approximaely zero degrees outside, so the notion of going anywhere barefoot in Barcelona is absolutely absurd…Well, it’s not exactly zero degrees but it’s definitely as cold as it will ever get in the dead of winter in San Diego or Simi Valley. I assumed everyone would associate this weather with the word “cold” until my roommate from New Jersey said, “It’s so nice how long it stays warm in the Fall here.” I turned to my roommate from Texas, and we both made the expression: “You’ve got to be kidding.”

Then there’s the irony that Barcelonians don’t go barefoot anywhere. You even keep shoes on inside. Friends I’ve met who live in homestays say that their host families insist they put something on their feet while inside….so clearly being barefoot outside is blasphemous.

Here’s my dillema…It’s socially acceptable to dry hump on a bench in Barcelona, but heaven forbid I take off my heels at 5:30 in the morning as I’m walking back to my apartment after dancing all night…I’m the bad one. Someone explain that logic.

Back to my daily life. Honestly, my days are relatively uneventful. My only responsibility is attending three classes, which all meet twice a week. This is quite a dramatic change from my normal three-four class load while working and playing a sport. I do like to be busy, and I admit that I am most productive when my time is limited, but it is absolutely amazing to have this break.

I walk to class everyday, which is about a 30 minute walk in each direction. On my way to class, I pick up a cafe con leche. I pass by a pre-school and watch all of the parents drop their kids off for the day. As I hold the the most amazing coffee in my hands and watch how adorable all of the Spanish kids are, it’s hard not to have a good day.

I cook lunch at home and normally hit the gym at some point in the day. Before I came here, I insisted that I would rarely be on Facebook and I wouldn’t waste my time watching movies in my apartment. In reality, I do spend a lot of time inside.

Here’s my defense…After 5:10, I have nothing to do. On most days, I take my book outside and read in our cute neighborhood. Even after doing that, I still have a lot of time on my hands. I make an effort to see something touristy every week, so I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything in any way. I often meet up for dinner or drinks during the week, but when I don’t go to dinner until 9:30, there’s never a need to rush. I feel like I finally have the time to “relax”.

Relaxation and I are becoming close friends…I suggest you make some time for him, because he’s actually pretty cool. He’s not really a talker, but he listens pretty well.

Anyways, I’ve been taking this time to try to reflect on my experience and really absorb the short time I have here. I’m not trying to discover life’s meaning or any nonsense like that. Instead, I make sure to make time everyday to rattle off the things I am grateful for in my life and express graditutde for all of my blessings.

Back to being barefoot in Barcelona…or I guess not.

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6 Responses to Barefoot in Barcelona

  1. Angie Buffington says:

    What a nice post sis. I do have to say, I miss my daily cafe con leche (and Dad ordering his “cafy-can-leechy). Lol.

    Miss you and love you!

    • lolol ya, i enjoyed hearing your dad try to say cafe con leche at ur house lol. im cracking up rite now jus t thinking about it. LeAnn enjoy your free time, it sounds amazing!

  2. Margie Buffington says:

    I really enjoyed this blog too. It’s important to enjoy the quiet times too, though I know for you (and me) it’s not always easy to do. But with all the upcoming traveling you are going to be doing, best to relax now. Love you and miss you … btw, the postcard from Ibiza came today!

  3. SARA says:

    LeAnn, could you please continue to write for the public after your trip… either keep up the blog, or a book or column or something! You are such a good writer and this post especially had so much imagery and completely transported me to Barcelona…loved it.

  4. Erin says:

    Laney! I miss you!!! Can we please skype soon?

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