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Ouch Charlie, that really hurts.

Besides September 10, July 4, December 25, and whatever eight days Hannukah falls on this year (but probably only one of those days because the other seven when you don’t have a party aren’t that cool), November 19 is my … Continue reading

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You have to finish

I’m standing in front of a crowd of men’s and women’s rugby players with my pants around my ankles as they ask me questions I don’t understand in Spanish. As I look around the room dumbfounded, I think to myself: … Continue reading

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Follow that Baguette!

Any trip, be it abroad or to the next state over, comes with certain expectations. I was highly aware of the stereotypes accompanying France when I boarded the plane to Paris. The most looming was the notion that French people … Continue reading

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I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect for Halloween in Barcelona. I came abroad with the assumption that Spain did not celebrate, so I didn’t have high expectations. I couldn’t really imagine another country that would send their children to … Continue reading

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