I’m backkkkkkk

It has been almost six months since I left Barcelona. I considered writing a few more blog entries, but I was really ready to pick up life again in San Diego. I figured writing about my last adventures in Barcelona and first days home would just be depressing. How many more times could I really listen to the Counting Crows’ “Holiday in Spain” while scrolling through my pictures??

But by just stopping writing, I left out some key elements to the end of my trip…like the fact that Evi came to visit me. Evi and I handled Barcelona like we handle most situations in life – we took it to the extreme. She managed to gear up pretty quickly – clubbing nightly, site seeing daily, and absorbing such an incredible culture in a six days is not for the weak minded. Let’s just say we’re not the “See Barcelona on Tour Bus” type of people. But without the memories fresh in my head, I can’t really do our week of adventure justice. Let’s just say some of the highlights include: Turkish mobsters, a friendly ape named Rodriguo (who is currently living in my room), puking on our “morning” (2 pm) job, losing one heel by the end of the night, and many many drinks with Carlos and Maximo (our favorite bartenders at our favorite bar above a churro stand)

So what have I been doing since I returned? I’m glad to say that I am truly enjoying living and going to school in San Diego. It was definitely an awkward transition back…I just tried to laugh awkwardly at all of the inside jokes my friends told from Fall Semester, while managing to sneak in tid-bits of my trip abroad while I was at it. I figured I had a limited amount of time before people got sick of hearing about my overseas adventures…it took about two weeks.

Most of my travels since being home have been less than thrilling. I made it to the beautiful Tempe Arizona to kill ASU and NAU in Rugby. Now, Arizona is always a great time, but it doesn’t quite beat my 42 hours in Munich. I did make it to Vegas for Valentine’s Day. Nothing quite says love like Vegas does… And I’ll just stick to the “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas motto” I can’t disrespect Sin City by talking about what happened.

My final trip was to Blaine, Minnesota to compete in the Division I Nationals Tournament for Rugby. I came home with disappointments and a torn ACL. I won’t be going back there any time soon.

But there is much to look forward to this summer. I am going back to Simi Valley to work at Target as an executive management intern. I have my red and khaki ready, so I can learn how to successfully be Erin Buffington…But from what I see, she’s just pretty whiny and childish most of the time. I’m assuming this isn’t how she acts at work, but what do I know?? **I love you Erin…and I know, my GPA means nothing compared to your brand new condo and Infiniti**

Then there is the end of summer, which I am managing to jam pack in three trips: Texas to see my beautiful roommate Jacqueline, going to Israel to be with my people, and taking on Cabo for some R&R…and drinks.

I know this blog was boring. I haven’t been pantsless in a bar, or running through airports to make a flight, or avoiding Turkish mobsters with guns. I did manage to get kicked out of a classy joint in Vegas though. Shhh don’t tell.

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