Riches to Rags

First off, to my thousands of dedicated fans/Israeli lovers, I apologize for my absolutely pathetic attempt at blogging. I tried to blog after the fact, which turned out just as horribly as any attempts at food logging after the day you actually consume the food. In both worlds, I remember my life to be one of perfection. That glass of beer might have really been a pitcher, and that gorgeous Israeli 6’5 Israeli soldier might really have been an 5’7 skrawny American with a Jew fro. There’s really no way to know.

Anyways, my next adventure is a 3 month trip to Central/South America. My plan is this: Start in Costa Rica with Evi. After we visit what I imagine to be the only Central American trip worth visiting, we will forget South America all together and hop on down to Colombia. From there, Evi will leave me to go be a rugby superstar. She’s a stud. I will then make my way from Colombia down the West coast of South America. My plan is Colombia -> Peru -> Bolivia -> Chile. After Chile, I’ll make my way over to Argentina before heading home.

The main difference between this upcoming adventure and my previous trips is my bank account. I thoroughly enjoyed regular 25 euro meals in Barcelona followed by some VIP clubbing till early hours of the morning. And despite claiming to “rough it” in Israel, I did not go one day without a hot shower (unless I chose for questionable hygiene habits to just forego the shower completely).

My South American travels will be budgeted to the extreme. Good bye to my two giant suitcases, and hello to traveler’s pack where I am only planning to bring one pair of jeans and two pairs of really stylish heterosexual cargo pants. And obviously shoes/shirts/jackets, but I am just trying to put things in perspective.

Right now, I am standing in “Avoid Finals Territory”, teetering between “Excitement City” and “Terror Town”. Wow, that analogy was so embarrassing. I’m rusty at this writing thing. What I really mean is that while I am thrilled beyond belief for the adventure, the thought of traveling for two months by myself is certainly frightening.

In order to incite a little traveler envy and plenty of finals daydreaming, here is what I most looking forward to: 4 day Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu, bike riding the Death Road in Bolivia, a weeklong trip down the Amazon basin, volcano hiking in Pucon, and plenty of jungle adventures along the way. Then, of course, there is Patagonia.

I’ll keep this post short, just like the American Jew I flirted with in Israel.

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