Hola from Costa Rica!!

Our Costa Rica adventure began at LAX yesterday morning. Already, it seems like a lifetime ago. Or it least seems like I’m overdue for about 8 showers.

I knew the trip would go smoothly when this woman in the middle seat in front of me offered me $20 to switch seats with her so she could sit next to her husband. After enduring an 11 middle seat experience to Israel, a trip to Miami was nothing. And $20?!!! Are you fricking kidding me?! That’s four $5 dollar footlongs from Subway!! Or two nights in a hostel with clean sheets, hot showers, and unlimited coffee!!

We made it to San Jose around 8:30 pm. In true backpacker form, there was no way we were going to pay $20 for a taxi when we could take the city bus. It was a little disheartening to walk away from the well-lit, well populated airport into darkness to find the bus. It didn’t take us long though, and even though we weren’t at the bus stop, we just did the two hand over the head wave (the universal signal for ‘please pick us up’) and the bus driver pulled over. We sat in the first row of seats with our packs still clipped on. We were so damn eager! We might as well have been the “key on the lanyard around the neck college freshmen”!

Our directions told us to get off when we saw the HSBC bank. We told the driver that, and he stopped where he thought we should get off. We smiled and thanked him even though the bank was nowhere in sight.

We found the hostel after a 20 minute walk and help from various strangers. Success!

We’re staying at Galileo Hostel. It’s the epitomy of what a hostel should be. It’s super laid back with a surfer friendly hippie vibe. We were greeted with welcome shots at the 24 hr in-hostel bar (even though all we wanted was dinner). They have clocks from time zones around the world (New York, Tokyo, Israel, New Zealand), but none of them work…I currently have no idea what time it is.

In addition to the travelers at the hostel, there are two doggies, countless chickens, a turtle, and a few birds. Right now, I am sitting with this scraggly puppy on my lap with a chicken walking by as the man working at the hostel gives an interview to a woman in a professional skirt and blouse. Uh…what??

We’re staying in an 8 person room. It’s about the same size as my room, but it’s filled with four bunkbeds. There are five us staying there right now. I can’t imagine how a full 8 would feel.

So far my closest friends are the puppy named Paul (who names a dog Paul??), the chicken, and the Italian kid in our room. I’m so popular!!!

Tomorrow, we’re off to La Fortuna! Stay tuned for more Buff and Ev adventures!

PS where the hell did I get the information that CR was on the US dollar…It’s most definitely not. Whoopsies.

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5 Responses to Hola from Costa Rica!!

  1. Angie Pineda says:

    Have fun at the volcano at La Fortuna and go ziplinning! So jealous 🙂

  2. site says:

    This blog has some really useful stuff on it. Thanks for helping me!

  3. Yes! Just what a hostel should be! La Fortuna is awesome, you will love it! Keep the updates coming!

  4. alex says:

    So jealous! Can’t wait to run into your sweaty well-traveled self in Colombia.

  5. alex says:

    …also, check these photo tips from National Geographic. Hopefully they have some good ones for point and shoots. Can’t wait to see you babe!


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