Impressions of Central Costa Rica

Tomorrow, Evi and I take off for Montezuma. Its supposed to be a gorgeous hippy beach town on the Nicoya Peninsula. As we wrap up our time in Central CR, Ive started to reflect on my extensive five day knowledge of the area.

We started in San Jose, the capital. As home to the international airport, there is no way to avoid SJ. It was like any other major city; congested with traffic, dirty, and overun with American fast food corporations. The first two days were to nice to get into traveler mode…as in, get a good coat of dirt and sweat on my body.

I wrote about our first stop after SJ already, La Fortuna (home of the death hike and beautiful Arenal volcano). On the bus ride to La Fortuna, I was struck with two major impressions. 1) The landscape is so lush and green 2) There is enough leg room on this bus for a 4 year child (or 5 foot Costa Rican).

La Fortuna gave us our first taste of jungle Costa Rica. So much green, so many beautiful postcard style flowers, and a couple animales! (snakes y frogs!)

For the last two days, we have been in Monteverde. The grossly incompotent man who booked our transportation to Monteverde forgot to charge us meaning we saved $17 a piece. YEaahhh buddy. Getting from La Fortuna to Monteverde required a van, followed by a boat, followed by a van. The boat gave us a great view of the backside of Arenal volcano. And we got to sit next to this cookie cuter family who looked like the cover of an REI brochure. So much The North Face gear!

Monteverde is far less humid (sweaty) than La Fortuna. We spent our first day ziplining, which was wild. The ziplines were great and full of adrenaline, but nothing could compare to the Tarzan Swing. Its like a rope swing over the jungle. We were strapped in at the waist to a long rope. We had to walk to the edge of this platform way up in the jungle and jump off. And by jump, I mean I was pushed against my will by the guides. It was so scary but so much fun. I might have tinkled my pants a little. Dont tell.

Today was mostly rainy in Monteverde, but we caught a glimpse of a sloth climbing across a telephone pole and a beautiful parrot. He didnt seem to speak English or Spanish. Ive also gotten to play with a puppy and Costa Rican child at the hostel. The hostel is owned by a family and the kids just run around playing. They have this tiny, tiny puppy. I intend to keep both the child and the puppy.

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One Response to Impressions of Central Costa Rica

  1. mighty Joe 'Papa' of the Gods says:

    All parrots respond to ‘Pocorito’ verdad!

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