Guest blog de Evi

Well, the time has come for me to write a guest blog. All of LeAnnś adoring blog fans are clamouring for more so as a civic duty I figured I should contribute my perspective. (I hope Iḿ funnier than her. JK.)

I guess I will start at the very beginning… it seems like so long ago! We landed in San Jose and (silly us) left our Columbia fleece jackets on as we hooked up and clipped on our huge packs on our backs and our carry on backpacks on our fronts. Naturally we were both dripping sweat within 90 seconds of leaving the airport. Our frantic run/yell/wave tactic of flagging down the bus added to my steadily rising body temperature which was further compounded by us getting off several stops too early and then walking for circles for a half an hour before arriving at our hostel.

Ok, let´s skip ahead to the death hike/ Olympic Trials in La fortuna. I feel obligated to address this as some OTHER blog writer (ahem) has given us the medal of runners up…or bronze… I cant even remember, seeing as I refused to accept that title. (I like to preach the ´If you ain´t first, youre last’ lifestyle a la’ Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights.) In this rebuttal blog paragraph I will discuss the variety of ways in which we merit the gold. First is that, in my natural competitiveness and overexxageration of my own abilities, I like to think I win at everything (even before I begin…or see the 4 year old in rainboots who is fanning up this rocky, rooty, muddy 35% grade). Secondly, we have to give ourselves some credit for being the first people on the trail that morning… we spent a good 2 hours at the lake and STILL didnt even pass anyone coming up until we were about halfway down the mountain. As far as the ridiculously fit and graceful gazelle of a man who bounded past us in a blur of 6pack and hairless legs…well, he never made it to the lake. I can vouch for his only making it to the crest and turning around at the lookout point rather than taking on the opposite side of the mountain (an additional 20 minutes each way!) which actually gets you to the Cerro Chato Lake. So in sum, Team Buffrucker takes home the Gold. Everyone else gets silver…as long as we get gold, I am content.

So anyway, LeAnn and I have adopted a new catchphrase, which is ‘We’re in traveller mode.’ Translated, this means we are ridiculously cheap and keep things like baby soap bars they give us at hostels, we cut open our old sunscreen tubes to get the last drop, and when her dress ripped we cut the top off and turned it into a skirt. This morning, as I wrapped the centimetre of butter that came with my breakfast toast into a napkin to save so we could use it to cook with later, I swear I could hear my dad cheering me on (¨Go Evi Frugal-enbrucker!!¨)

Things I have learned so far: never buy aerosol sunscreen. It lasts approximately 4 days, and if you are abroad you will then be forced to spend $13 on a 3oz. tube of it. Seriously… my mind was really blown at that! Other important lessons: Tevas= the best $80 I have ever spent…they are so crucial! Comfortable! Stylish & practical! No wonder every adult in Humboldt wears them every day (I knew it wasn’t just out of high fashion sense!)

In the course of our travels I have also come up with a few select million dollar ideas which I hope will provide me with the means to live a life of luxury until my dying day. First great invention = a travel book which is customized to the specific countries of your choosing. That way, you dont have to cart around 2 huge and heavy books on, say, central and south america, if you only need to know information on Costa Rica, Panama, and Columbia, or something. I envision this to be something like those awful class readers that UCSD makes you purchase for about $100, that are really just copied pages bound together (And you cant even sell back since they arent real books!! UGH. not that I am bitter or anything…). Except instead of being stupid like the University readers, my customized travel books will be handy, affordable, and practical. Second invention = bug spray that contains both waterproof SPF and after-bite relief treatment as well. This way, instead of lathering on sunscreen, bug spray, and some random tea tree oil on your pre existing bugbites, travellers can kill 3 birds with one stone and have it ALL IN ONE handy cream! So you heard it here first… if any of you get rich of these ideas I will find you!! 🙂

To sum it all up, this trip has been great so far, LeAnn and I haven’t bickered at all , and I have attained the second ever tan line in my life. Success.

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4 Responses to Guest blog de Evi

  1. mighty Joe 'Papa' of the Gods says:

    Sounds like a great time Evi and Leann Buffenbrucker. A small point Evi would a truly frugal person use two !! when ! would do?

  2. mighty Joe 'Papa' of the Gods says:

    Wouldn’t it be d’Evi? I like the combo cream idea!

  3. mighty Joe 'Papa' of the Gods says:

    sometimes people buy an older used guide and razor out the parts they wish to take with them. Usually the historical blurbs havent changed in a just a couple years. Some folks even do it with (gasp) new travel guidebooks

  4. Elisa says:

    it sure helped me a lot as well. this is not an easy topic, but you make it easy to be understood. thank you so much!

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