Reggae Jams Puerto Viejo Style

After Manuel Antonio, we got on our 4:30 am bus back to San Jose, where we trasnferred onto Puerto Viejo. This town is on the carribean coast, just a few miles north of the border with Panama. Pulling into Puerto Viejo after an exhausting 11 hr day of travel was like arriving in an entirely new country. Puerto Viejo has a strong Afro-Carribean influence. Lots of reggae music, rasta colors, and indulgence in herbs.

Puerto Viejo is very laid back. Maybe it has something to do with the herbs. When we went to grab some Carribean style gallo pinto from an organic vegetarian joint, we waited about 45 minutes for our food. We were the only people in the restaurant without food. It was delicious. Im pretty sure they made everything from scratch. There might have even been a garden in the back where they had to wait for our rice to finish growing. It didnt really bug us since we have adopted the motto ´We have nowhere to be until July 11´, which is when we fly out of Panama. This helps us deal with our disdain of inefficient use of time.

We explored the tiny city, and there were signs everywhere for live music and happy hour. Given the fantastic reggae playing in every store, we were excited to listen to some live music.

The music wasnt exaclty what we expected. It was a band of 4 middle aged white people and a token Afro-Carribean drummer. If youve seen ´Get Him to the Greek´, I was reminded of this scene…

Despite their image problem, they were at least going to play some reggae, right? WRONG ASSUMPTION. Instead, they chose Joan Osburne´s hit,´What if God was one of Us?´ Not exactly on page with the Rastafari I and I, but who am I to judge? Maybe one of them was God…like a stranger on a bus. Evi and I held back our laughter and tried to focus on our delicious rum drinks and the Carribiean Sea in front of us. The rum was just strong enough and the sunset was just beautiful enough to distract us.

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